Automatic Grommet Machine
Automatic Grommet Machine

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Product Introduction And Specification


The updated MT Auto-grommet machine is developed specially for highly automatic to perform collecting grommet, feeding grommet, piercing material and pressing grommet with washer together. MT Auto-grommet machine is convenient and removable to operation both on the ground and on the working table with lower noise and comparatively affordable price. MT Auto-grommet machine greatly increases the productivity.

MT Auto-Grommet Machine adopts high air pressure generated by air compressor. And it has a revolutionary design-grommet machine mount on wheels, which overcomes the defects of fixing grommet machine on working platform.

The grommet machine can be widely applied for making tent, tarpaulin, light-box, coated vinyl, toy and other advertising products.


1. Portability

The MT Auto-grommet machine is mounted on wheels. Therefore, the Auto-grommet machine can work on flat surface

2. Highly automation

The MT Auto-grommet machine handles all the grommet processes, delivering both top and bottom grommets, punching the grommets.

3. High quality

The grommets can be finished tidily and tightly.

4. High speed

At least 10 grommets can be punched in one minute. 500 pieces of grommets could be punched continuously.

5. Easy operation

The whole process is simple just pressing the buttons and refilling grommets.


Product Specifications

Mode TypeAutomatic Grommet Machine
Rated Power


Rated Voltage

220V ±10%  50Hz/60Hz

Air Pressure6-8bar
Grommet Speed

1000 (Piece)

Grommet Model4#(internal diameter 10mm, external diameter 18mm)
Shape Size500×500×460(mM)
Packing Size590×630×480(MM)




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Automatic Grommet Machine

Automatic Grommet Machine


Automatic Grommet Machine :

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