Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H
Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3H

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Product Introduction And Specification


 Faster printing speed, superior quality, more stable reliability, strong technical support!

The digital apparel printer possesses industrial printing speed and production ability that is on the market now. MT Industry MT-TA3 & TA3H is a symbol of latest industrial digital printer type. There is no any domestic desktop flatbed Apparel Printer can mention in the same breath with MT-TA3&TA3H of the quality, speed and stability. It is the best choice for screen printing distributor, garment factory, embroidery wholesaler, advertisement material distributor, commercial printing factory, clothing retailer and nonprofit organization.

MTA3 & TA3H Series can satisfy customers’ requirements on printing quality and production efficiency, at the same time reduce maintenance cost and downtime.


1. High Speed Apparel Digital Printer

MT-TA3H Series High Speed Digital Apparel Printer can finish 12” by 10” light color background image within 40 seconds. MT-TA3 can print same size image within 80 seconds. According to this production speed and corresponding collecting time, MT-TA3H can print 20 pieces light color garments per hour, print 10 pieces dark color garments per hour. MT-TA3 can print 16 pieces light color garments in one hour, print 8 pieces dark color garments in one hour. Therefore, you can accurately calculate capacity of this apparel printer and arrange production by the amount of machine.

2. Innovative Ink Supply Technology and High-quality Environmental protection Ink

MT-TA3 & MTA3H Series adopt MT Industry continuous bulk ink supply system, this system adopts sealing package, good leakproofness, ultimately reduces the possibility of nozzle clogging, guarantee the stability of ink supply in order to reduce wasting ink and abandoned garment parts. Users can control ink volume and ink droplet size when operating MT-TA3 & TA3H Printer. You will see ideal saturability and always keep good effect. 

MT-Industry adapts Dupont water based pigment ink, which is safe and environmental protection; ink color is more stable through colorful ink and white ink. There is no restrict for any cloth, it can be used for printing cotton-fiber, polyester, polyester-cotton blending, lycra, nylon, spandex and other fabric. The color of environmental protection water based pigment ink still shiny after washing many times without fade. In the most of time, the printing is more durable than apparel. 


MT RIP Software is free for customers when they buy MT-TA3 & TA3H Printer. The MT RIP Software can accurately restore customers’ original image through controlling the size of droplet, printing speed and color saturability.

MT RIP software has a most practical function to accurately calculate printing rest ink quantity, so it can help user to calculate ink cost in order to pricing. Easy operation interface simplify the adjustment process of colorful and white. It can show printing effect in real time. 

4. Taking back investment cost in short time, no need outsourcing

Any enterprise which sell garment and advertisement material can achieve more printing orders by using MT-TA3 & MT-TA3H, earn profit and remain profitable. During printing production, we can adopt fantastic digital color, bright white enhance special effect of picture in order to improve the competitiveness of product. MT-TA3 & TA3H rely on speed, flexibility, infinite creative potency to promote you create value and expand business. Big order can be finished within few hours or few days, gain investment cost within few months.

A. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer prints complicated digital picture and small quantity printing no need outsourcing.

B. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer prints sample at once without waiting.

C. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer avoids complicated setting and after treatment chemical products.

D. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer holds more development opportunity

5. Simple craft process

Simple craft, easy operation, without complicated pretreatment and after treatment, garment after printing just need simple hot foil stamping, fabric also be used widely.

A. Select printing design

B. Install MT RIP software

C. Printing

D. After heat treatment

6. Professional digital printing for garment

Traditional garment printing technology has time-consuming setting and after treatment. Some methods use harmful solvents and printing color is limited. Many printing methods were restricted by cost and time, which makes you cannot print complicated graph, dark fabric and small orders. Therefore, you cannot achieve these printing orders and keep competitive price.

MT-TA3 & TA3H are specialized in digital garment printing and bring new revolution for digital garment printing industry. High performance printhead and ink supply system can reach accurate and consistent printing effect. Industrial printhead is strong and durable; greatly reduce manual maintenance and downtime.

7. The core technology of MT-TA3 & TA3H digital printer

A. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer adopts long lifespan industrial micro piezo printhead.

B. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer supports white and colorful ink printing.

C. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer adopts more stable and effective ink supply system.

D. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer equipped with white ink automatic circulation system.

E. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer equipped with automatic adjustment print platform.

F. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer adopts high fidelity MT RIP software

Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer adopts safe and environmental protection Dupont water based pigment ink.

E. Digital Garment (Apparel) Printer can print for cotton, polyester, blending, lycra, nylon, spandex and other variety textile fabrics.

Garment (Apparel) Digital Printing Solution

Garment (Apparel) digital printing is a kind of printing which through flatbed printer directly print on Garment (Apparel). This kind of printing method has two craft according to using different ink.

One type adopts active or acid ink printing. This printing method is mainly for woolen sweater, T-shirt and other Garment (Apparel). Suitable fabric contains wool, cashmere, cotton fiber, blending, nylon and so on. The advantages of this type printing are widely suitable for various fabrics, bright color Garment (Apparel), high saturation. The disadvantage is complex procedure. It needs to be equipped with many hardware equipments, when the Garment (Apparel) finished printing, it needs starching as pretreatment and after treatment, which are steaming, washing and drying. 

Another type adopts pigment ink printing; this printing method is mainly for personalized T-shirt. Suitable fabrics are cotton, Dacron, blending, lycra and so on. The advantage of this type printing is simple craft, without complex pretreatment and after treatment. When the Garment (Apparel) finished printing, it just need simply hot foil stamping. The disadvantage is that color performance of domestic pigment ink is bad. It needs imported water based ink if you pursue high quality.

With ink is gradually mature, the craft process of pigment ink printing is simple and effective which is more and more popular with Garment (Apparel). Shanghai MeiTu Digital Industry CO., Limited MT-TA3 & MT-TA3H Series Garment (Apparel) Digital Printer, which adopts industrial micro piezo print head, the printer has  the fastest printing speed, the highest quality, the most stable performance. It uses imported water based pigment ink. There are colorful ink and white ink you can choose. It can directly print various light color or dark color apparel, garments be finished through simple pressing process and ensure color be bright and shiny.

The Solution of MT-TA3 & MT-TA3H Digital Printing for Garment (Apparel)

1. MT-TA3 & TA3H printing equipment: MT-TA3H Series high speed Garment (Apparel) digital printing, it can finish12” * 10” light color background pattern within 40 seconds, MT-TA3 can finish same size pattern within 80 seconds. According to this production speed and corresponding arrangement time, MT-TA3H prints 20 pieces light color Garment (Apparel) per hour and print 10 pieces dark color Garment (Apparel) one hour. MT-TA3 prints 16 pieces light color Garment (Apparel) in one hour and print 8 pieces dark color costumes in one hour. Therefore, you can accurately calculate capacity of this apparel printer and arrange production by the amount of machine.

2. Ink: Dupont water based pigment ink

3. Software: MT RIP software

4. Accessory equipment: pressing machine

Curing temperature and time: light color Garment (Apparel) (only colorful), pressing 180℃/40 seconds; dark color Garment (Apparel) (white ink ) : wait 10 seconds, pressing 165℃/90 seconds.

Product Specifications

Mode TypeDigital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3
Print headEPSON DX5 Piezo Electric Printhead
Printing Size320mm X550mm
Printing Color5 Colors (CMYKW) / 4 Colors (CMYK)
Printing DirectionAutomatic Bidrection Printing
Printing SpeedText:13 PPM, A4 color photo: about 61 seconds, A3 color photo: about 103 seconds
Max. Height of Object170mm
Height SettingElectron Automatic Regulated
Max. Printing WeightNondestructive Precision 8kg
Max. Printing ResoultionMax. 5760 x 1440dpi
Ink Supply SystemContinuous bulk Ink Supply System
InkDigital Textile Pigment Ink
rip software
maintop, photoprint
ApplicationIndoor and Outdoor
Power SupplyAC 110-220V 50-60HZ 78W (special requirements can be customized)
Connect InterfaceUSB2.0, 10Base-T/100Base-TX( RJ-45 Network Interface), WIFI(IEEE802.11b/G/N Port), PictBridge (Directly Printing Interface)
Operation SystemWindows XP/Vista/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X10.4.11 Windows XP/Vista/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X10.4.11 or higher version
Printing EnvironmentTemperature: 20-30 centi degree, Humidity: 20-80%Rh
Net Weight90kg
gross weight130kg
printer dimension
L900mm × W750mm × H600mm
package size
L1100mm × W850mm × H760mm

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Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3

Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3


Digital Textile Direct to Garment(Apparel) Printer MT-TA3 :

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