Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer
Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer

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Product Introduction And Specification


Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can print Furniture according to your own way now!

Recent years, retro Furniture market has a large requirement. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer has lots of incomparable advantages comparing to silk screen printer and roller printer. For some high-end market and customers, such as imitation retro Furniture, the surface of retro Furniture is irregular 3D surface. Both silk screen printing and roller printing cannot print on it very well. Only Furniture UV flatbed printing technology can follow any of your own design.

Furniture UV Flatbed Printer not only prints really restores texture effects natural material, but also prints decoration on the irregular surface. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can reach personal requirement within short printing time, it is more suitable for the development trend of Furniture decoration, personalization and small amount. The retro Furniture products don’t have different from high resolution picture, which printed by Furniture UV Flatbed Printer.

Meanwhile, Furniture UV Flatbed Printer won’t be limited to the size of traditional printing technology. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer use digital draft design, it can greatly copy the original design under the permission range of computer capacity and transfer speed. The printing quantity is ten pieces even hundred pieces or thousand pieces for one printing job by Furniture UV Flatbed Printer. Furniture flatbed UV printer also can print non-repeated design within the same printing range; the printing effect is closed to natural texture. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer satisfies requirements for the effect of retro Furniture decoration. The advantages and features of Furniture UV Flatbed Printer indicate this printing technology will make breakthrough on design and production for Furniture products.


1. How to solve the adhesion problem

The UV ink of Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can be printed on any surface. But adhesion strength on different materials are different. For example, wooden material, and leather material, which those kinds of materials are with better adhesion and images printing cannot easily fade away by UV flatbed printing. But like Furniture, crystal, metal, ceramic, etc. which those kinds of materials are with relatively large density, adhesion of images printed by UV flatbed printer are little weak. 

2. How to solve scratchproof problem

If you want to make Furniture UV Flatbed Printer printing image adhesion stronger, you can increase its adhesion by pre-treatment and post-treatment. For example, Furniture materials on the surface can be coated by professional coating before printed by Furniture UV Flatbed Printer, which the coating definitely increase the effect of adhesion strength. So printing image adhesion will be stronger after printing by Furniture UV Flatbed Printer. Or you can coat a layer of varnish on the surface of Furniture materials after printing to directly prevent images from reaction with the environmental touch. On some problems of increasing adhesion of images and scratch resistant, there are still a lot of technologies such as printing on double side Furniture, which keeps images between the two pieces of Furniture to protect the images from peeling off forever. 

3. How to solve waterproof problem

After solving the problems of Furniture UV printing images adhesion, there is still a problem that most of customers are faced with the images cannot be waterproof. The best way to solve this problem is that you can coat a layer of varnish on the completed printing materials. UV varnish cannot only increase the adhesion of images, but it can be also waterproof, which won’t make beautiful images fade away on the condition of reaction with water.

4. Difference Between Furniture UV Flatbed Printing And Traditional Silk Screen Printing

Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can 100% instead of silk screen printing, because without plate making cost. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can be printed on all kinds of Furniture materials with adhesive strong enough, fast delivery time, saves labor cost and shortens printing process. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer can solve the problem of color transition caused by screen printing ensures no printing dot on the output for higher performance. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer also reached to environmental protection requirement.

UV Coating Application Tips And Methods

The Furniture materials need to be processed on the surface and ensure to keep the flat surface clean before Furniture UV Flatbed Printer printing. Because our working environment cannot be without any dust, so we can spray some water in the environment to reduce dust in the air before coating. Secondly, it is better to use professional dust cloth to wipe the surface of materials, because professional dust cloth is much softer and has strong capacity of adsorption as well as strong ability of cleaning. We believe that the surface Furniture will be so clean through these above processes. 

The coating is suitable for ceramic, Furniture, organic glass, stalinite glass, glass craft and crystal, which need special treatment. There are two kinds of coating transparent and white. Both of them can be made glossy effect and matte effect. But white color coating can resist water boil by higher requirement. The coating always matches with varnish. UV ink adhesive force is very important for Furniture UV printing. Because of Varnish can easily dissolve the printout if it is too strong. The best method is printing less than twice.

If you want to purchase or you are looking for this kind of Furniture UV Flatbed Printer, so we strongly recommend that you can purchase directly from Furniture UV Flatbed Printer manufacturer. MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd suggests you come to visit us to learn more about the performance of Furniture UV Flatbed Printer and the most important after-sale service. Furniture UV Flatbed Printer manufactured by MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd has been working on the Furniture printing field for many years. So our technology in Furniture UV printing industry is quite mature. And we are trying our best to improve and update the technology to adapt the fast demand of market. MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd sincerely serves you and establishes business relationship for long-term cooperation with you.

Mode TypeFurniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer MT-2512G
PrintheadRicoh Gen5
Max. Media Size2540 * 1220mm
Max. Media ThicknessUp to 100mm
Printing speedStandard Output  Mode:67sqm/hr            Production Mode:48sqm/hr            High Precision Output Mode:36sqm/hr            Ultra-high quality output mode:24sqm/hr
Printing ResolutionUp to 1440*1440dpi
TechnologyPiezoelectric Inkjet, UV-curable inkjet, grayscale printing
Color Configuration8 colors at maximum including CMYKWVLCLM, double white colors, spot color, varnish printing
Ink typesUV-curing ink
drying system
UV mercury lamp
Ink tank reservoir capacity4 liters/color (CMYK,LC,LM,W,V)
ink supply system
Automatic Negative Ink Supply System
control system
Windows 2000 Workstation / Windows XP / Vista / Windiw 7, 32bit, RAM≥6G
RIP softwarePhotoprint Edition, Onyx(optional)
Color managementICC based color  management,adjustable curbe and density
File formatsTIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, ect
Media handlingFlatbed Sheet Feeding, Vacuum Platform Supports Various Rigid  Materials. Automatic Media Pneumatic Positioning System Is Used For Easy Loading And Accurate Printing And Unique Opposite Blowing Switch Function Makes Media Unloading Easier (Optional). 
printing media
Glass, Acrylic, Ceramic Tile, Aluminum, Iphone Case, Plastic, Foam Board, Wallpaper, Wall Art, Sign Advertising, Metal, Paper, Wood, MDF, Furniture, Card, Marble, Golf Products, Gift & Promotion Products, Leather, PU, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, Plexiglass, Panels, Ceiling, Organic Board, Corrugated, Chevron Board, Fiberboard, Brick, Stone, Home & Office Decoration, Electric Appliances Panel, Pottery & Porcelain Tile, 3C Product, Oil Painting, Fresco, Sliding Door, Wedding Photography, Mark And Signs, Exhibition, Etc......
air draft
Air Draft Divisions Adapt To The Max. Dimension Of Printing Area
Rigid Material sizeStandard vacuum table support rigid  materials up to 2000 * 3200mm, 100kg/sqm
Data interfaceHigh speed USB transmission
UV energysourceDual shuttered  UV lamps, independent user-selectable control of shutter aperture and two lamps power levels
printer DimensionsL4800 * W2600 * H1440mm
package dimensions
L5000 * W2160 * H1500mm
net weight1600kg
gross weight
Temperature20 to 30℃ (Between This Temperature Is More Effectively Control Satic And Guarantee Printed Quality)
Relative humidty20%-80%, Non-Condensing (Minimum 40% Recommended For Synthetic Media To Avoid Static Electricity, Maximum 70%  Recommended For Paper-Based Media To Avoid Buckling)
Maximum power7.5kw
PequirementsInput  voltage: 200 to 240VAC, signal-phase, 50/60Hz, 32A max.
WarrantyOne year

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Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer

Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer


Furniture Printer | Furniture UV Flatbed Printer :

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