Flatbed Ricoh UV Printer MT-PP2512R
Flatbed Ricoh UV Printer MT-PP2512R
Flatbed Ricoh UV Printer MT-PP2512R
Flatbed Ricoh UV Printer MT-PP2512R
Flatbed Ricoh UV Printer MT-PP2512R

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Product Introduction And Specification


A new generation, quality upgrading Wide Format inkjet UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R is dexterous, highly active, energy saving, industrial grade machine!

The UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R is one Kind of professional Wide Format Inkjet UV Flatbed Printer. This Flatbed UV Printer is special designed for both rigid materials and roll materials to achieve high quality and precision wide format printing. The international advanced printing control system and need-oriented intelligent control system realize highly efficient setting for repetitive printing function and accurate positioning function which have contributed to the distinguished quality of the UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R!


4. Media Positioning Pin

There is a unique Media Positioning Pin and one-button Pneumatic Controller installed in this UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R! It provides accuracy and convenience respectively for panel loading and panel positioning. This function also avoids any deviation of repetitive printing.

5. Automatic Anti-static System

This Automatic Anti-static system was set up on the carriage of UV Flatbed Printer to avoids UV ink drops flying anywhere that was caused by static of the printing material. It could improve the printing precision!

6. White Ink Circulation System
This Circulation System can help White Ink circulate automatic by customer setting in software, this result is effective elimination sediment of white ink to protects UV printhead from clogging situation! 

Product Specifications

Mode TypeRicoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R
PrintheadMicro Piezoelectric Ricoh Gen5 printheads 7PL
Max. Media Sizerigid material: 2680 * 1220mm
flexible media width: 2530mm
Max. Media Thicknessrigid material: Up to 120mm
flexible media up to 1mm
Printing speedStandard Output  Mode: 92sqm/hr,  Production Mode: 60sqm/hr, High Precision Output Mode: 38sqm/hr, Ultra-high quality output mode: 25sqm/hr
Printing Resolution600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi, 1800dpi, 2400dpi
TechnologyPiezoelectric Inkjet, UV-curable inkjet, grayscale printing
Color Configuration4 Colors / Double 4 Colors  / 6 Colors  /  White Color & Varnish Is Optional
drying system
UV mercury lamp
Ink type UV curing  ink (3 years outdoor and 10 years indoor)
Ink reservoir capacity2.5 liter ink drums automatic ink control with non-stop filling ink function
ink supply system
automatic negative ink supply system
control system
windiw 7, 64bit, RAM≥8G
RIP softwarePhotoprint/ colorgate
Color managementICC based color  management
File formatsTIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc...
Media handlingFlatbed Sheet Feeding, Roll Feeding With Roll-To-Roll Upgrade Kit(Optional).Vacuum Platform Supports Various Rigid  Materials. Automatic Media pneumatic positioning system Is Used For Easy Loading And Accurate Printing and Unique opposite blowing switch Function Makes Media Unloading Easier (Optional). 
Printing media
Glass, acrylic, ceramic tile, aluminum, Iphone case, plastic, Foam board, wallpaper, wall art, sign advertising, metal, paper, wood, MDF, furniture, card, Marble, golf products, gift & promotion products, leather, PU, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, Plexiglass, Panels, Ceiling, Organic Board, Corrugated, Chevron Board, Fiberboard, Brick, Stone, Home & Office Decoration, Electric Appliances panel, Pottery & Porcelain Tile, 3C Product, Oil Painting, Fresco, Sliding Door, Wedding Photography, Mark And Signs, Exhibition, Etc......
air draft
4 air draft divisions adapt to the max. dimension of printing area
Rigid Material sizeStandard vacuum table support rigid  materials up to 2700 * 1330mm, 100kg/sqm
Roll-feed media size Roll-to-Roll upgrade kit supports flexible media up to 2000mm wide,with a roll  diameter 30cm, up to 100kg in weight (optional)
Data interfaceHigh speed USB transmission
UV energysourceDual shuttered UV mercury lamps, independent user-selectable control of shutter aperture and two lamps power levels
printer DimensionsL4830 * W2470 * H1430mm
package dimensions
L5400 * W2200 * H1650mm + L3450 * w800 * h1050mm
Net weight1550kg
gross weight2280kg
working Temperature18 to 26℃ (between this temperature is more effectively control satic and guarantee printed quality)
Relative humidty40%-70%, non-condensing (minimum 40% recommended for synthetic media to avoid static electricity, maximum 70%  recommended for paper-based media to avoid buckling)
Max. power6.5kw
power supplymax. power Input  voltage: 200 to 240VAC, signal-phase, 50/60Hz, 15A max
WarrantyOne year

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Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R

Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R


Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-H2512R :

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