Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer
Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer

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Product Introduction And Specification


Wallpaper UV Printer adopts UV curing ink that will make printing process clean, environmental, low consumption and continuous production. Meanwhile, UV curing printing product has high performance of wear resisting, hardness, solvent resistance, embossing effect and so on. It has brilliant quality beyond other printing method. Therefore, Wallpaper UV Printer is kind of new type printing machine for modern Wallpaper printing industry.

There are many benefits of using Wallpaper UV Printer to print on wallpaper product. Wallpaper UV ink provides good printing effect and high printing quality. Its physical nature cannot be changed during printing process, non-pollution, non-volatile solvent, stable viscosity, strong adhesive, clear dot, good reproducibility, bright light ink, it is suitable for printing delicate product on high value wallpaper products. 


1. Easy Printing Solution

Wallpaper UV Printer own simple printing steps, don’t need plate making, plate burning, repeat chromatography and many kinds of instruments and materials for thermal transfer. Only one operator can absolutely operate Wallpaper UV Printer printing alone. It is convenient to saving cost and human resources. The printing output results can be got when the printing finish. There is low working experience requirement for operator but just need some simple training.

2. Perfect Compatibility

Wallpaper UV Printer can perfect compatible with different industries, different materials. Wallpaper UV Printer not only prints Wallpaper materials, but also prints on other flexible materials like PU, PVC, canvas, wallpaper, soft film and flex banner. Using MT Wallpaper UV Printer can avoid the problems caused by silk-screen printing and transfer-printing. It meets diversified market requirements and provides comprehensive production service for users.

3. Accurately Printing Position

Wallpaper UV Printer avoids position offset during manual printing by the traditional printing method. UV printing doesn’t like previous simple manual operating and craft printing that connect with computer and combined with automation control technology. Wallpaper UV Printer can precisely find the right position where need to be printed and 4 colors or 5 colors can be printed once time. Therefore, it doesn’t need any chromatography para-position. These UV printing advantages can affect wallpaper engraving, wallpaper etching and other wallpaper crafts. There are pretty pictures can be printed in the engraving region or precise etching by Wallpaper UV Printer that makes breakthrough in the wallpaper engraving industry 

4. Suitable Color Transition Pictures

Traditional wallpaper printing method almost cannot transition colors through printing, such as silk-screen printing. So the effect of silk-screen printing is obvious limit for among different vivid colors and hard to show color transition through picture after printing. However, many customers require color transition for printing brand, logo etc. as high resolution and complicated designs on wallpaper materials. It also has more extensive application for pictures, gifts and crafts. Wallpaper UV Printer can perfectly meet these requirements. It own strong potential market and breakthrough the obstacle of silk-screen printing and thermal printing. Customers will find new features for making higher profit through the Wallpaper UV Printer.

5. Suit Various Industries

Wallpaper UV Printer is suitable for uncommon industries. Wallpaper UV printing machine can change printing content and printing effect any time and can be one-on-one digital UV printing. For example, many wallpaper designs can be printed within one time. Another example is nametag and work permits for different staff. Therefore, the Metal UV Flatbed Printer for any unique product or design has simple printing process.


10 Bright Point Detailed Introductions for Wallpaper UV Printer

1. Wallpaper UV Printer has high resolution and low printing cost which greatly reduces the production cost of special wallpaper printing industry. Because Wallpaper UV Printer doesn’t need film, plate making, chromatography and other complicated procedure. Printing cost declined a lot. The Resolution can be adjusted in the software of Wallpaper UV Printer. High resolution can provide high quality printouts. Different speed and resolution can save cost in different printing situation.

2. Wallpaper UV Printer adopts imported original Epson printhead, which can print high quality picture with reality color. There are 80% Wallpaper UV Printer manufacturers are using Epson printhead around the world. It enjoys good reputation by stable performance, high cost performance, bright color, simple operation and maintenance. Wallpaper UV Printer also provide bi-direction printing for high resolution and high speed!

3. The base of wallpaper UV flatbed printer is designed by flatbed UV printer. Different size has different printing platform. It can print large wallpaper design and the different wallpaper covers for sliding door. There are huge market requirement on this wallpaper flatbed UV printer 

4. Wallpaper UV Printer is suitable for batch production or small-scale production. The feature is same cost for both batch wallpaper printing production and small-scale production. Small-scale production brings higher profit. Batch production can use specialized mould for wallpaper printing processing. Batch production will be more convenient if arrange the wallpaper products printing into mould and mould can be repeated use for long time. 

5. Wallpaper UV Printer use UV flexible ink. It can print on any kind of wallpaper material, PVC material. It is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

6. Wallpaper UV Printer has stable performance during printing. Usually, the hardware won’t broken unless manual improper operation. Our production technology improved which makes the Wallpaper UV Printer structure more suitable..

7. The Wallpaper UV Printer has various functions and using extensive application for fashion craft. Wallpaper UV Printer is a new kind of UV printing equipment in recent years. This is a new craft for special wallpaper printing industry. It has high quality printing effect, abundant colors, transition colors, gradient colors crafts and any printing design. It is widely used in wallpaper, sliding door, advertisement design, sign making, crafts design, DIY design and other industries.

8. Wallpaper UV Printer doesn’t have limit for materials. It can print any wallpaper material within specified thickness. Wallpaper UV Printer overcomes the traditional printing method. It can print thick or thin wallpaper material that the max thickness can be up to 18cm.

9. Wallpaper UV Printer equipped with automatic cleaning system. The capping station can clean UV printhead automatically according to the cleaning mode by operator, which can prevent nozzle be clogged.

10. The Wallpaper UV Printer can adjust printing height and batch setting. It can be adjusted printing height according to wallpaper materials. Wallpaper UV Printer adopts horizontal moving and vertical printing pattern. It will keep suitable printing height after setting; it can reach perfect printing effect. Batch production will be set automatically, which saves steps for repeated operating. 

Product Specifications


Mode TypeWallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer MT-UV3207DE  
Print headTwo DX7/DX5 Drop-On-Demand Micro-Piezo Print Heads
Number of Nozzles2880 Nozzles (2 Heads)
Color4 Colors, double 4 colors, 5 colors
Resolution1440dpi X 1440dpi
Height of Print Head2-5mm
Size of Ink Droplet1.5-21 pl
Max. Printing Width3200mm
Max. Media Width3300mm (max.)
Real Time TrackingNone
Printing Speed3pass48.0sq.m per hour
4pass35.0sq.m per hour
6pass24.0sq.m per hour
8pass18.0sq.m per hour
12pass12.0sq.m per hour
Media FeederYes
Media Take-upYes
MaterialMax. Weight200kg
Application TypeWallpaper, soft film, Wall Art, Sign Advertising, Paper, Poster, Promotion Products, Leather, PU, PMMA, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, Ceiling, Home & Office Decoration, Oil Painting, Fresco, Wedding Photography, Mark And Signs, Exhibition, Flex, Banner, Knife Coated Substrate, Double Side Printing Banner, Advertising Cloth, Adhesive Vinyl, One Way Vision, Mesh, Reflective Banner, Reflective Viny, Etc......
InkTypeLED UV curing Ink
Ink Tank Reservoir Capacity4 * 2.5 Liter bulk continuous ink supply system
Auto cleanning systemAuto cleanning system with anti clogged flash spray & moisturizing function
Picture drying systemtwo LED curing lamps
Media AdsorptionMulti-section Intelligent Suction System With Adjustable Strength.
InterfaceHigh Speed USB Transmission USB2.0/3.0
PowerPower VoltageAC220-240V 50-60HZ, AC110-120V 50-60HZ (optional)
Control SoftwarePrint Console
RIP SoftwareMaintop (Photoprint, Wasstch Optional)
Three heating sectionsPre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater
Operation SystemMS Windows XP, Windows 7
Printing EnvironmentTemperature: Temperature 15-35 Degrees,  Humidity 30-65 Rh
Picture TypeJPG PSD TIFF
Printer DimensionW4580 * D970 * H1500mm
Packing DimensionsW4800 * D1100 * H1700mm
Net Weight750kg
Gross Weight950kg

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Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer

Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer


Wallpaper Printer | Wallpaper UV Roll to Roll Printer :

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