Xaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208
 Xaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208

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Product Introduction And Specification


MT Industry Xaar Solvent Printer adopts machine controlling system which was tested more than five years. We use most of spare parts tested over 10 years. Thus printing quality is stable and reliable, so that MT Xaar Solvent Printers can bear long time continues printing work. Especially, the Patent technology to ensure 100% achieves 100m media printing within one time. The most important is the whole printer takes eco solvent printer's precision mechanical and technology as its production standard to produce Xaar solvent printer.


5 reasons to choosing MT Xaar Solvent Printer!!!

1. MT Xaar Solvent Printer adopts wider size printing platform.

Client can choose 4pcs Xaar128/ Xaar Proton382 printheads model or 8pcs Xaar128/ Xaar Proton382 printheads model according to their demand at the beginning. This kind of solvent printing machine can be installed up to 8pcs  Xaar Proton382 printheads for maximum.

2. MT Xaar Solvent Printer equipped with Four in one temperature controller with Three-stage adjustable temperature function.

Equip with the Pre-heater,middle heater and back heater, also as well as the printhead plate heater system for solvent printing process, it can be adjust the temperature of the media and printhead. The switches of heating system are in the same control panel, easy to operate and less fails.

3. MT Xaar Solvent Printer adopts separate machine's main power and heater's main power.

Separate machine power and heater power to avoid huge electric current or electromagnetic wave disturb the printing quality.

4. MT Xaar Solvent Printer equipped with separate colors cleanout system.

Individual ink purging cleanout system is good for cleaning heads and saving ink.

5. MT  Xaar Solvent Printer equipped with automatic cleaning system.

Different from ink purging system, this is cleaning by cleaning solution with reserved suction channel for automatic printhead cleaning which is safe and convenient maintain function. Therefore, client can print on any time without clog trouble.

Product Specification


Mode TypeXaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208
Print headXAAR128/ Xaar Proton382
Number of Nozzles128
Color4 Colors:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Height of Print Head2.0-5.0mm
Size of Ink Droplet40 pl
Max. Print WidthUp to 3200mm(126'')
Max. Media WidthUp to 3200mm(126'')
Printing Speed2pass34sqm/hour/side
Media FeederRoll To Roll
Media Take-upRoll To Roll
MaterialMax WidthUp to 3200mm(126'')
Max Weight200kgs
Application TypeFlex,Banner,Knife Coated Substrate,Double Side Printing Banner PVC,Advertising Cloth,Adhesive Vinyl,One Way Vision, Mesh,Reflective Banner,Reflective Viny
InkTypeSolvent Ink
Ink tank account4pc/8pc
Auto cleanning systemYes
Operation SystemMS Windows XP & Windows 7
Packing Dimensions4850*740*1100MM
Gross Weight550kg
Net Weight450kg

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 Xaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208

Xaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208


Xaar Solvent Printer MT-XR3208 :

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