Engineer Training Team

Tim Wang

If You Want To Fly High, You Should Forget The Horizon

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Jeff Sun

Solid Work, Magnanimous Man

  • position Oversea Training Engineer
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Kevin Chen

Where to fall, where to lie down!

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Thompson Wang

You never know what you can do till you try!

  • position Online Training Engineer
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MT Showroom Trainning

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Local Customer Training

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Maintenance & Repair

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Guarantee Policy

We provide 1 year warranty. During the 1 year warranty if any part is faulty, our company will give you replacing parts for free and help you to change the faulty parts. When the warranty expired, our company will still give you technician support for free. The only difference is the replacing part no longer free. So, we provide lifelong after sale service to you as long as you use our printer.

1. How to return and exchange? For details, please check below items:

1) There are quality problems after opening the package. 

2) Products are different than on the order list. 

3) There are obvious design flaws on the products. 

4) Products are irreparably damaged during transportation. 

5) Products cannot be used because of design problems. 

2. Returned purchases are invalid under the following conditions: 

1) Products can still be used even though there was some damage during transportation. 

2) No claim is made up to 7 days after the customer has received the products. 

3) Purchase is returned because of color or bad packaging differences (that have no effect on usage). 

4) The returned purchase does not meet the conditions. 

3. Notice: 

1) Returned products can only be exchanged with the same style of product, if it is out of stock, it will have 
to be exchanged with products of the same value. 

2) Returned products should be undamaged and in the original packaging. 

3) Please provide the following information when returning the products: products’ names or codes, the problems encountered, and your order record.

4) Transportation fee should be cover by both sides.

What it is Like to Work With Us

1. Technical Service

Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for you remedy of troubles all the time. They would be your side whenever you need to check and analysis your problems. And then they will give you our suggestions and solutions. We can optimize your existed printing machine and recommend you the right parts, update information or probably potential troubles. You can get to our service via email, live chat or telephone. Especially, English language on-line service is available. We will be glad to help you.

2. Training

MT has an experienced trading team. According to the differentiated customer’s request, we will arrange comprehensive training program respectively to ensure our customer's staff can operate our printing machine very well. Every specialist who would be the teacher of our training center has adequate know-how, practices and excellent professional background. Our qualified specialists can achieve your training program at your local site or in our training center at Shanghai.

3. Spare Parts

We have almost all key parts of our products in stock in urgent case of your spare parts demand. So that we can deliver it within shortest reaction time whenever you need by simple and fast way. Meanwhile MT would like to recommend you to purchase our original spare parts. This would keep you profitable Spare part quality thanks to using of original parts, tested by our years of practice quickly delivery to minimize your loss as much as possible. Attracting price thanks to our professional and bulk manufacturing. Uniform compatibility thanks to our standardization system.


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